Delaware Anime Society
Constitution Created: September 25, 2005
Constitution Revised:
February 1, 2007

Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Delaware Anime Society, hereafter referred to as DAS. The subchapters of DAS shall be recognized as DAS Dover, DAS Wilmington, and DAS Bryn Mawr.

Article 2 - Purpose

The purpose of the DAS is to promote knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation in the community. The DAS also exists to provide individuals with a location to view anime, exchange viewpoints, and discuss interests.

Article 3 - Goals

The goals of the DAS are:
- To expand awareness of Japanese animation in the community.
- To further the appreciation of the Asian culture.
- To educate the public on the connection between art and culture.

Article 4 - Officers & Staff

4.1 DAS Dover

Mattie M, Chief Executive Officer & President. Disc Jockey
Mish , Vice-President
Open Position, Webmaster
Alex M: All-Club Meeting Scheduling Assistant
Mason D: Gaming Coordinator

4.2 DAS Wilmington

Kiwi R, President
James S, Vice President
Alex M, Meeting Assistant
Peter B, Gaming Coordinator

4.3 DAS Bryn Mawr

Matt Doms, President
Open position, Vice-President
Advisor: Bob Z.

Article 5 - Officers & Staff Duties

5.1 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must be present at all Business Meetings. The CEO also holds the right to call Business Meetings at any time. The CEO approves all society events, officer proposals, and set playlists. Finally, the CEO approves any attempts to obtain permissions from licensing companies.

5.2 President

The President is responsible for organizing, scheduling, and running his/her chapter meetings. He/she is also to keep order at meetings. The President will determine the set playlists based upon the members' requests, and rate them for age appropriate content. If needed, the President is required to obtain permission to show licensed content. Finally, the President must be present at all Business Meetings.

5.3 Vice-President

In the event that the President cannot be present at his/her meeting, the Vice-President is to carry out the associated duties. In the event that the President resigns or is terminated from the position, the Vice-President shall officially be declared President. The Vice-President is also required to assist with organization of the meeting. Finally, it is the responsibility of the Vice-President to share options with the President that were not considered.

5.4 Webmaster

The webmaster is responsible for maintenance and reasonable updating of the society's webpage.

5.5 Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for the society's bank account. The treasurer should also keep a record of the organization's funds, and be responsible for collecting money from fundraisers.

5.6 Secretary

The secretary is responsible for recording business meeting notes. The secretary is also responsible for keeping a record of important events and happenings, such as keeping a list of dismissed members.

5.8 Gaming Coordinator (DJ)

The Gaming Coordinator helps plan the gaming at meetings and contributes equipment for group use. They also assist in game room and tournament planning for Miniconventions.

5.8 Advisor

This title is given to officers who left their positions in good standing. Advisors may attend business meetings, vote, and provide counsel.

Article 6 - Society Procedures

6.1 Meetings

6.1.1 Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings are held one day per month at each chapter. They run approximately 4-6 hours on average, depending on the chapter. A gaming hour also happens at the meeting, followed by fixed titles determined by members' interested. There should also be random slots available at each meeting so members can share their own anime with the group, and thus broaden the viewing experience. These meetings are to be held in a courteous and orderly manner.

6.1.2 Omake Meetings

Omake Meetings can be held in a similar manner as the regular monthly meetings. These are extra meetings centered on a specific theme, such as cosplay or live-action films.

6.1.3 Business Meetings

Business Meetings are held once per month. Staff and members may sit in the meetings and provide opinions upon the approval of the CEO.

6.2 Officer Election

Officers hold their positions for 2 years. Any officer may also be terminated from his/her position. Officers are nominated one month prior to the election. Elections are held during a scheduled anime club meeting in November. Candidates may give a short speech during the meeting. Afterwards, they are asked to leave the room while the present members and officers vote. All presidents report the voting results to the CEO who announces the election results. A simple majority vote is required to elect an officer.

Article 7 - Basic Rules

7.1 Ratings

Showings are generally rated as teenager appropriate and up, unless otherwise stated at the meeting.

7.2 Copyright Issues

According to law, if the meeting group exceeds 25 viewers, the President cannot show the anime without permission from the company who licensed the anime. It is the President's duty to contact the licensing company for screening permission. If the meeting includes a show that is unlicensed in the United States, it is still the President's duty to contact the foreign company that holds the license.

7.3 Offenses

7.3.1 Zero Tolerance Offenses

These are offenses which if committed will result in immediate dismissal from the club and its related events. Starting a physical dispute or assault during a meeting or event. Harassing another member or officer. This includes insulting, intimidating, acting discourteously, and expressing derogatory jokes or comments. Being under the influence of any drug or alcoholic substance during a meeting or event. Theft or deliberate destruction of club property. Using club funds for personal objectives.

7.3.2 Three Strike Offenses

These are offenses which if committed will result in verbal warnings, followed by probation or dismissal. Disrupting a meeting or event. This may include a member who is told more than once to keep the noise level down.

7.4 Disciplinary Actions

7.4.1 Verbal Warning

The offender shall be warned that their actions violate the club constitution, and if his/her behavior continues, more severe disciplinary actions will occur. An officer will record the verbal warning.

7.4.2 Probation

The offender shall not be allowed to attend club meetings and events for a specified amount of time. The time period will be decided upon by the officers. If the offender attempts to attend a meeting or event, the probation time may be lengthened. If the offender continues to persist, the officers may resort to calling law enforcement. An officer will record the probation and its duration.

7.4.3 Dismissal

The officers will hold a meeting to discuss the dismissal of the offender. Upon a majority vote, the offender will be served a written notice of the dismissal. The offender will also be offered a chance to speak in his/her defense through an appeal. If the offender does not make efforts to appeal within 14 days of the written notice, the dismissal shall be final. Following the appeal, the officers will discuss and hold another vote. A majority vote in favor of dismissal will finalize the expulsion. A majority vote against the dismissal will grant the offender membership to the club following a probation period and/or a form of retribution determined by the club officers. A written notice of the appeal results will be served to the offender. If the offender attempts to attend a meeting or event, the officers may resort to calling law enforcement. An officer will record the dismissal and appeal results.

Article 8 - Amendments

Any member or officer can propose an amendment to the CEO. A Business Meeting will then be called to discuss the amendment. A simple majority vote is required for an amendment to be recognized and added to the constitution.

Date Amendment
12/4/05 Following election results from November 2005, Jacqueline Reitnauer was elected as the DAS Treasurer and Damien Christopher was elected as the DAS Secretary.  The constitution was revised to reflect this.

1/4/06 Following election results from December 2005, Matt F was elected as the DAS Wilmington Vice President.  The constitution was revised to reflect this.

Following a leadership and location change for DAS's PA chapter, Scott J became the new leader of DAS Bristol/Abington Chapter. The constitution was revised to reflect this.


There have been some leadership and location changes. The webmaster position is now open. Kiwi is the new President of DAS Wilmington with James S as her Vice President. Alex M is the assistant of Wilmington and new meeting organizer. DASK (DAS PA chapter) now meets in Bryn Mawr, PA and Matt D is the new President, with Bob Z in a Vice President/Assistant role. The Disc Jockey positions no longer exist.The constitution was revised to reflect this.