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Please excuse our dust while we finish the Valentine/White Day minicon webpage!

For now, how about a report and slideshow from the first annual event on 3/1/08? ^_^


What can we say but it was a total blast! We had over 63 people there (not counting staff..with staff it wold have been about 73+, likely) people there (and almost had to turn folks away from the door because room capacity was close to being breached..)..everybody had an awesome time playing video games and everything else..we had karaoke, video and Rock Band in one room and alot of the video games, costuming, manga/comics reading table, raffle, food, and valentine crafts in the other room. Everybody wants us to do this minicon again so its become a yearly event for DAS and a special local event for our PA Chapter. We are so proud of our PA chapter..under the great leadership of Scott and Bob and their SO's, it has come such a long way and is really fluorishing! Especially we all feel blessed by our friendships with two other local clubs in the area that brought a bunch of their members to our event, so combined we had a total of 3 clubs present. After the minicon many of us went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant near the Willow Grove Mall...just great times overall. We had some really great costume entries, too..hard to give awards! deeblite and his girlfriend did an awesome job on decorations..and Bob was amazing enough to donate his Nintendo plus a TON of games as our raffle grand prize!! Huge thanks to Sare-chan and the Philly Otaku, Linumus and Kirsehn, Nai, J-Rock, Neochichiri and all the awesome people working the event, and to everyone overall! <3 <3 Below are some pics and some captions for your viewing enjoyment ^_^

Also, here's a video, courtesy of the pics from D.A.S. and editing skillz of the Philly Otaku

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