Anime Stores/Resources in DE

Atlantic Books
Dover, Rehoboth,Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island DE
They have a pretty decent sized manga section; and if they don't have it, we can usually order it in for you (average time is about five working days). Plus you get 10% off the publisher's price. We also carry mags like Shonen Jump, Animerica and Anime Insider (sadly, they don't carry Newtype USA).
Between Books
Claymont, DE.
It's in the shopping center right across from the former Rogue's Den and carres a hefty supply of anime, as well as old, rare, and used books, and card games. Definitely worth a look, and the owner and employees are outstanding
Brewed Awakenings
Newark, DE.
64 E. Main St. - 224-1302
"Critics Choice" Winner Delaware Today Best Coffee House - Light lunch, organic coffee, bagels, pastries. In addition they have loads of books and card and other games for one's enjoyment.
Newark, DE.
(302) 737-4933
70 E Cleveland Ave Ste C
Newark, DE 19711
Gently used paperback books for resale
Captain Blue Hen Comics and Entertainment
Newark, DE
280 East Main Street, Newark, DE 19711
(302) 737-3434
This one also has manga and other anime related merchandise, and alot of special anime and other
events held in it.I know alot of people who areregulars there. I can't wait to visit it again!
The Comic Book Shop
Wilmington, DE
Well run store in Wilmington
Days of Knights
Newark, DE
173 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711
Lots of games tournements plus some anime merchandise and a great staff/atmosphere
Stanton, DE
Has alot of the usual stuff plus good hours of operation
Heroes and Legends
Wilmington, DE
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The Rogue's Den:
but Forums still open
Claymont DE

Unfortunately the Rogues Den is closed but feel free to chat in their forums! It was a gaming store and internet Cafe.
Superior Comics
Dover, DE
121 West Loockerman Street
Dover, DE 19904
Its in beautiful downtown Dover, has the usual comicstuff plus manga, and japanese action figures, etc.
Theowners are really nice and tons of anime and gaminggroups all meet in there.
Schwartz Center for the Arts
Dover, DE
Formerly the Dover Opera house, this historic landmark was restored in 2001. In 2004, under the leadership of Board Chair Dr. Scott D. Miller (President of Wesley College), a strategic alliance was formed to partner the resources of Wesley College, Delaware State University, The Grand Opera House and The Friends of the Capital Theater, to maximize usage and position the historic treasure as the premiere performing arts center south of Wilmington.The Schwartz Center has shown Asian Films such as House of Flying Daggers and may show other Asian live action or anime in the future.

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Other Anime Shops

Alicia's Anime A wonderful anime store who had a dealers table at Zentrancon 2005.
Friendly staff, great prices and selection..highly recommended! One of the largest resources, has thousands of items in the anime and manga category.
Also on some orders can get free shipping!
Anime Bento Quakerhead Colectibles Anime Bento "Eastern Pennsylvania's Premier Collectible Emporium of Action Figures and Anime", is located at the heart of Philadelphia's most famous, trend-setting attraction: South Street. A few blocks away from the Historic District of Independence Hall, The LibertyBell Pavilion, and the soon-to-be-built Constitution Center"
Anime FXAn anime store in Springfield VA, also has an activity lounge and many cultural activities. Mainly rentals but some for sale too.
Anime Nation: The Anime Source A well known shop in FL, good variety.
Anime Pavilion: in VA and FL, decent prices, great service.
Barnes and Noble They have over 3000 items related to manga in their online store and locations around the country
Deep Discount DVD Extremely cheap DVDS and no worries about bootlegs. Also you can choose free shipping!
Discount Anime DVD Discount dvds plus games, snacks,manga,cds, wallscrolls AND
*composes herself* Ok sorry. *ahem
House of Anime The HOA is your home for all the latest anime products and merchandise.
In Atlanta,GA, good variety, prices, and they have those hard to find grab bags!
You can also rent videos from them (probably only if you're in the area though)
Hobby Fan Located in CA. If you like the resin models or garage kits, this site is for you!
Fast shipping, and great prices, and it has hard to find models like the Merulu resin model.
Option of free shipping and a nice forum where you can ask questions, and get tips from experts, or
showcase your works.
Hobby League Japan A great figure resource. "The worlds finest hobby kits and toys direct from Japan"
Great prices too!
Jlist A wonderful toybox of things straight from Japan! Anime items, toys,funny Japanese teeshirts,
snacks and gum, JPOP and idol products,calendars, and "wacky" things from Japan.
MugenToys Good variety and friendly staff, were vendors at Zentrancon 2005
Ningyoushi's Workshop If you're like me and love those cute little Japanese figures like Pinkies, this store is great!
"Welcome to Ningyoushi's Workshop! We're here to provide you some of the coolest toys and merchandise available in Japan and Hong Kong. From limited edition designer toys to super cool anime action figures, you'll see a wide range of toys for everyone!"
RightStuf International Welcome to The Right Stuf International, YOUR Anime Superstore and Web Resource. Well known and great place to shop
SuperHappy Cosplay AccessoriesGreat cosplay jewelry, accessories and more!
Tokyopop Leading the manga revolution. One of the biggest translators of Japanese manga. Tokyopop products are found in countless bookstores and other shops throughout the US.
Walden Books Walden has over 697 items related to manga on their online site and in their stores around the country

Miscellaneous Links

NeoChichiri.Net NeoChichiri's website, has links for cons, anime reviews, and more
WagHQ.Com Anime enthusiasts, gaming losers, and ghost hunters all together in a flash nightmare for your viewing pleasure
Smyrna High School Anime Club Smyrna High School's Anime Club Blog- whee!
Something Awful Great Comedy site
Fark.Com The source for finding all that's going on in the world...especially the odd stuff
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
The Soapy Nymph Homecrafted glycerine soap made in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
Delaware Anime Fans Home of the Delaware Anime Fans.
USS Raven One of the largest Star Trek fan groups in the US. Part of Maquis Forces International. Very active in the community and fund-raising for charitable organizations.
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