DAS Spotlight for May 2006: Darrkness/Bill

Left: Bill rocking out in one of his bands, Pneumya..check them out! On the right, Bill and DAS CEO at Katsucon 2006
  1. Name: Darrkness (aka: Bill )
  2. DAS Position/Role: Member and Guitar God
  3. Location: Dover, DE
  4. What are your favorite animes, music, and Asian cinema?
    Anime: Naruto, Bleach, All Miyazaki Films, Appleseed, Escaflowne, Angel's Egg, 3x3 Eyes, Battle Angel, Monster, Gundam Seed & Destiny, Coyboy Bebop, Nadia of the Mysterious Seas, Saber Marionette J, Ninja Scroll, Read or Die, Bubblegum Crisis.
    Music:My 2 bands (Unlocked and Pneumyä), Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Thrice, Sinch, Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, Atreyu, Chimaira, 40 Below Summer, V. Wooten, Gruvis Malt, DnB (techno), Kenna, Fiona Apple, The Dresden Dolls, Portishead, J-Rock, Underground, Local bands & lots more.
    Manga: Blade of the Immortal, Dark Angel, Naruto, Deathnote, Nausicaš, The Five Star Stories, Akira, Fruits Basket, Beserk, Battle Angel Alita, Eureka Seven, Bleach.
    Asian Cinema: Zatoichi, 2LDK, Returner, Shaolin Soccer, Iron Monkey, Bride w/ the White Hair, CTHD, Ringu, Ichi- The Killer, Ju-On, Battle Royale, Suicide Club, Tai-chi master and of course all the classics.
  5. Hobbies outside of anime? Playing shows and going to concerts, Video Games, Music, Movies, Reading vampire novels, X-Games, conventions
  6. What do you like best about the DAS? The opportunity to meet other local anime/manga fans outside conventions.
  7. What do you think the future holds for the DAS? Hopefully to expand and introduce anime into a LOT of other peoples lives.
  8. Do you cosplay? If so, what are your favorite costume(s) Not usually, but i'd love to in the future
    *Actually, Bill had a pretty cool costume with red and black shirt and wings at our 2004 Halloween minicon:Click Here *
  9. Conventions attended and/or staffed?
    Attended: wow, umm Katsucon 1 - 9 & 12, Otakon 1 - 5, 7 - 9, (and hopefully 12), Anime East '94 & '95, Dave-con, probably some more smaller ones i'm forgetting.
  10. Have you ever named a pet/computer/insert word here after an anime or Asian character? If so, which and why? Nope.
  11. What theme or institution in anime should be decreased or increased and why? More intelligent psychological anime/manga like Deathnote. Less harem anime/manga like Tenchi & Love Hina