DAS Spotlight for May 2008: Larry

First Pic: (Larry is on the right) Some attendees hold up their prizes at the
DAS Magical Girl Anime Library Program in May 2008.

Second Pic: Tug of War Winners(and losers) at
the DAS 3rd Annual Cosplay Picnic in June 2008.

  1. Name: Larry (SN - Namas)

  2. DAS Position/Role: Newbie to Willow Grove PA and Wilmington DE Chapters

  3. Location: NE Philadelphia, PA

  4. What are your favorite animes, music, and Asian cinema?
    FLCL, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Rosario + Vampire, Kenichi

  5. Hobbies outside of anime?
    Video Games (World of Warcraft, anything Final Fantasy, SSBB, GTA4), Movies, TV (Daily Show, Colbert Report)

  6. What do you like best about the DAS?
    The people, everyone has been awesome and has made every event I have attended fun. Also Anime + Games = Always good times

  7. What do you think the future holds for the DAS?
    I think the future is bright for the DAS.

  8. Do you cosplay? If so, what are your favorite costume(s)
    I have never cosplayed though I am interested in doing it. At the moment I think the char I could probably pull off well, would be Choji from Naruto.

  9. Conventions attended and/or staffed?
    None, but can't wait to attend and/or help out in my first one.

  10. Have you ever named a pet/computer/insert word here after an anime or Asian character? If so, which and why?
    Have yet to really name anything, though I generally yell at my dogs "Baka" when they are doing something wrong.

  11. What theme or institution in anime should be decreased or increased and why?
    Not sure to be honest, as one of the reasons I joined DAS is to learn more about Anime and Japanese Culture, as well as meet new friends.