DAS Spotlight for October 2005: Mish.

1.Name: Michele a/k/a Mish

2. DAS Position/Role: VP, South Chapter and PR

3. Location::Dover

4.What are you favorite animes, music, and asian cinema?
Anime.Manga: Saiyuki, Boys Over Flowers, Weiss Kreuz, Vision of Escaflowen, Fruits Basket, Mirage of Blaze, Kizuna. Ai no Kusabi, Rune Soldier, FAKE, Hellsing, Pet Shop of Horrors, Vampire Hunter D, One Piece, Hikaru no Go, Until the Full Moon, .hack//sign, Yami no Matsuei, Nana, Crimson Hero, Shaman King, Bleach, Tenryu, By The Sword, Storm Riders, Saint Legend, Mars, Master Keaton, and lots more!
Music: I'm not really into J-pop/J-rock. Much prefer Scandanavian death/black/symphonic/gothic metal.
Cinema: Versus, Azumi, Sky High, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, Storm Riders, Aragami, Musa the Warrior, Seven Deadly Venoms, Alive, The Audition, The Eye, Ringu, Battle Royale, etc.

4.Hobbies outside of anime? Reading fantasy and horror; making jewelry, collecting fashion dolls (Barbie, Jenny, Pullips, Winx Club), a bit of fanfic co-writing, and watching hockey.

6. What do you like best about the DAS? Getting together with other people who have similar interests and introducing them to things I like and finding new anime/manga through them.

7.What do you think the future holds for the DAS? That it will continue to grow and prosper. With all the recent publicity, I think that DAS will definitely be the club to join in Delaware. I'd like to see us do a con of our own here in Delaware.

8.Do you cosplay? If so, what are your favorite costume(s) Not much of a cosplayer, I will do it for special ocassions such as the Halloween mini-con and the Schwartz Center presentation. Out of the two that I've done, I'd say Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki.
(DAS C.E.O Note: Mish's fabulous Hakkai costume that she did for the DAS Halloween Minicon 2004 can be seen here

9.Conventions attended and/or staffed? I will be attending and acting as staff for Zentrancon.

10. Have you ever named a pet/computer/insert word here after an anime or Asian character? If so, which and why? Yes, I've named fish after characters from both Fruits Basket (Kyo and Hatsuharu) and Saiyuki (Gojyo). I still have Gojyo (a Beta). I also currently have a Calico Oranda named Sojiro after one of the F4 boys from Boys Over Flowers.

11. What theme or institution in anime should be decreased or increased and why?
Decrease: Pre-teens wearing thigh-high stockings in space. Said pre-teens also flying/possessing/commanding multi-billionaire dollar mecha/spaceships/etc. And can somebody just please kill the Gundam universe?
Increase: More series with adult characters as opposed to pre-teens/teens. Something along the lines of Master Keaton or even Licensed by Royalty -- intelligent adult anime.