DAS Spotlight for November 2005: DarkSull/Aaron S

1. DarkS at a DAS Wilmington Meeting
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2. DarkS with a sword
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1.Name: Darksull aka Aaron S.

2. DAS Position/Role: Member

3. Location::Wilmington,DE

4.What are you favorite animes, music, and asian cinema?
Anime movies/series: Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Golden Boy, Vampire Hunter D, all Miyazaki films, FLCL, Beserk, Full Metal Panic, Dragon Ball
Manga/Graphic novels: Alien Nine, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Full Metal Alchemist, Comic Party, Darkside Blues
Asian Cinema Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Legend of the Drunken Master, Onmyoji, The Eye 2, Ju-on, Hard Boiled

4.Hobbies outside of anime? Collecting swords, collecting plastic bottles (turn them in for money), collecting MP3s, collect and watch movies (not anime related.)

6. What do you like best about the DAS? Three chapters that are a half to an hour away from each other....To accomodate locals and to allow more than one meeting a month.

7.What do you think the future holds for the DAS? Nationwide clubs/chapters, plenty more members joining, maybe start a temp/head hunter agency for anime careers (just an off-the-wall idea.)

8.Do you cosplay? If so, what are your favorite costume(s) I haven't yet....Only could if someone made a costume for me ;)

9.Conventions attended and/or staffed? None yet....I'm so deprived!

10. Have you ever named a pet/computer/insert word here after an anime or Asian character? If so, which and why? My mini tower i carry around with all the media has a Cowboy Bebop theme to it....Thinking of geting a bunch of stickers attached to it and calling it "Fragrance Rain" named after the song by Yoko Kanno (composer of most of the soundtrack from Cowboy Bebop)

11. What theme or institution in anime should be decreased or increased and why? It's hard to find more good comediac/adventure animes like Golden Boy or Dragon Ball (Z and GT are over rated).....They really do need to cut down on mech animes like Gundam, cant watch humans and machines united (lose interest fast!)