Ask Japan!: A Cross Cultural Convergence
Our club has had the honor of having 2 penpals in Japan take interest in our perspectives and activities. Mikikazu-san and Ceena-san started a cultural exchange because they wanted to know more about anime fans in the USA and to have an exchange of viewpoints. We too had questions about Japanese anime fans and were only too happy to oblige! Mikikazu-san runs a blog called 'Ultimo Spalpeen' that reports American anime activities to his many readers. Ceena-san works on translations in japan and also has website. Below are links and banners to their sites. Below that are some of the Q+A sessions we've had with our penpals. If you'd like to ask our penpals anything, please email us at delawareanimesociety at yahoo dot com!

Ask Japan Q+A Quicklist

Exchange #1: October 2005: Mikikazu-san to DAS
Finally,we came up with our first 3 questions for our friends in America.They are....

  1. From a fan point of view,how much popularity have anime and manga gained in America now? (I have read many articles about popularity of anime and manga in America these days.But they are all written by the pros.I want to hear "raw" voices from the fans)

  2. How did you meet your first anime and manga? What the appeal there?

  3. What is the most popular anime title and character in America now? And Why?
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Exchange #2: December 2005: DAS to Mikikazu-san

  1. What is the most popular anime in Japan right now and why?

  2. The Japanese musical group 'Move' just came to the United States to do a live concert at an anime convention called AnimeUSA ( How popular is Move in Japan?

    And who is the most popular Japanese and American artist in Japan right now?

  3. How accepted is bootlegging (copied CDs, dvds and other things) in Japan? Is it popular and/or legal to download anime on the internet?

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2006 Exchange #1: Coming Soon!