Magazine Taro copyright Tim P and DAS
Magazine Taro copyright Tim P and DAS. Momo and Taro concept copyright Faia and DAS

Welcome to the DAS in the Media Section. We're proud to say we've been mentioned in a number of publications and online too!




March, 2005:
DAS Interview in the Dover Post

June 18,2005:
DAS Listed Twice in the Otakon Club Listing (once for DE, once for PA)
ADV's Anime Advocates
June 28,2005:
DAS Spotlighted by ADV's Advocates Program

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August 2005:
-DAS featured in the Dover Post "Dover Club 'Toons Into Anime"

-DAS Advertisement in the program booklet for Otakon 2005

DAS Club in Club Directory of the Otakon 2005 booklet twice (once for DE once for PA)
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August 31,2005:
DAS Partnership with Schwartz Center for the Arts and mention in Dover Post for Special Howl's Moving Castle Program
Article 1
Article 2

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September 2005:DAS Listed twice (once for DE, once for PA) in Club Directory of Anime USA
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October 2005:
DAS Listed in Club Section of Newtype USA
Vol 04, Issue 10 Contents:
The October 2005 issue of Newtype USA features the very latest information available about the best anime titles currently broadcasting in Japan, and about releases upcoming in the U.S.
Including Free DVD of Ah! My Goddess, Godannar, and Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok,
Double-Sided Centerfold of Godannar, 5 Hidden Gems You Must See Now! Final Fantasy VII Advent Children out of the Ruins of Midgar, Cloud emerges once again.. and more.

10/13/05: DAS and Zcon Featured in the Philly City Paper , Screenshot

10/14/05 DAS and Zentrancon Featured in the Delaware News Journal

10/16/05: DAS Advertisement in the booklet of Zentrancon 2005

10/17/05: DAS and Zcon mention in Mikikazu Komatsu, ULTIMO SPALPEEN blog

10/21/05DAS Spotlighted in Central Park Media's Anime University Newsletter
November 2005:
-DAS Member Chris Short/Infinitywulf featured in Photos from Otakon 2005 in November's Newtype USA
-DAS and Nico Deyo Win the CPM Anime University Contest in November's GoGai GoGai Magazine Pg5

December, 2005:
-DAS Spotlighted in an Interview by Funimation's Operation Anime Program
-DAS Kanameijis Win the CPM Anime University Contest

January, 2006
-DAS Kanameijis' Crossword and DAS Holiday Party Picture featured in CPM's GogaiGogai

February 2006:
-DAS Commercial Airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
-DAS CEO Spotlighted on the Funigirls Website [Screenshot,2]
-DAS CEO selected to help run the Anime Club Summit Panel at Katsucon 2006. See Pics
-Anime World Order Podcast interview with DAS at Katsucon 2006

May, 2006
-May 3,2006 DAS Mentioned in the Dover Post Clubs Directory
-May 6,2006: DAS and photos featured in a review of Old Dover Days by The, Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
-May 13,2006: DAS asked to do a public Anime Program for the Brandywine Hundred Library

July, 2006
DAS Featured (again) twice on the Website
(Screenshot),(Link) and Spotlight Page: (Screenshot)

November, 2006
DAS C.E.O. Interviewed and On Air Appearance on The Anime Radio Show on 11/20/06

December, 2006