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DAS Spotlight for April 2007: Dusti3unny

First:(left) Outside King Buffet in Dover after Old Dover Days 2006.
Bunny is the one in the middle .

Second: Playing her DS at the DAS Wilmington
Wiitastic Meeting in November 2006.

  1. Name: Bunny or Dusti3unny

  2. DAS Position/Role: Um, standard member so far

  3. Location:Newark, DE

  4. What are your favorite animes, music, and Asian cinema?
    Anime: Comedy, Action, Fighting…I love it all really, there’s no many animes I dislike, can I say hentai?. For music, J-Rock and some J-Pop. Asian cinema, Kung Fu and comedy

    So many to list, yeash..um Ranma 1/2, FLCL, Lain, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Half, Escaflowne, Sailor Moon(I'll admit it) and way too many more to list

    Music:. One of my favorite composers/musicians is Yoko Kanno

    Asian Cinema: I like such titles as Hero, Kung Fu Hustle, and Zatoichi

  5. Hobbies outside of anime? Cooking, sewing, drawing, painting, jewelry making, napping in sunny spots, pixel dolls and reading .

  6. What do you like best about the DAS? Everyone was so friendly during my first meeting and it’s nice to find people just as insane as me.

  7. What do you think the future holds for the DAS? I dunno, I think we’re getting bigger and better as time goes on and I think only time will tell the heights we reach

  8. Do you cosplay? If so, what are your favorite costume(s) I did once but I have not had the time to remake Ranma girl-type. Now I just wear cat ears and a tail

  9. Conventions attended and/or staffed?
    Attended: Otakon (2001-2004 and I plan for 2007)
    Staffed: None

  10. Have you ever named a pet/computer/insert word here after an anime or Asian character? If so, which and why?
    My word processor used to type fanfics up is named Empu after the satellite on Cowboy Bebop, but that’s all I can think of.

  11. What theme or institution in anime should be decreased or increased and why?
    Less weak female characters and more realistic male character (ones with weaknesses that can get hurt)